Flatbed Towing VS Dolly Towing

With flatbed towing all of the towed vehicle’s wheels are no longer in contact with the road but rest securely on one flat surface. With dolly towing two of the towed vehicle’s wheels remain in contact with the road, carrying some of its weight and spinning just as if the vehicle was driven on its own.
Flatbed towing is considered safer and faster than dolly towing. There are also circumstances where flatbed towing is the only option, such as with motorcycle towing, vehicles with broken axels and vehicles badly damaged in accidents.

Look for The Safest Tow

Dolly towing may be cheaper than flatbed towing (the trucks are smaller and cost less to operate), this advantage may make dolly towing preferable with light duty towing, but not in any circumstance.
The main disadvantage of dolly towing is damage that might occur to the towed vehicle, if the vehicle to be towed is valuable and/or somewhat delicate (a vintage car for instance) flatbed towing is definitely the way to go.
When in tow flatbed tow trucks are easier to handle than dolly tow trucks. This fact allows flatbed tow trucks to better negotiate traffic resulting in shorter transport times.
Flatbed tow trucks may be somewhat simpler to operate that dolly tow trucks but in both cases expert handling is essential.