Stuck in a Ditch? RT Towing Recovers Your Vehicle with a Winch

There always seems to be ditches along Route 101 due to construction in Redwood City. Unfortunately today you will encounter one of those ditches. Driving along the 101, you suddenly make a rendezvous with a chipmunk crossing the road. You swerve to avoid it, but you overcompensate and end up in one of the ditches. It’s a rainy day and ditch is filled with mud. You are stuck!

You are stuck until you call RT Towing because we can get you out of that ditch in a pinch with a winch. We can reclaim your vehicle from that ditch using our advanced winch system. We’ll pull you out of that ditch and get you back on the road in no time. We perform our services through a network of independently owned and licensed affiliates, who will provide you with a premier quality service, at highly affordable prices.

RT Towing’s Fantastic Benefits

You would think recovering your vehicle from a ditch would be enough for any tow truck company. There is so much more to being in the service industry. RT Towing is not just in the business to make money from your misfortune. We are here to provide you with a complete service package. Think about your needs as a customer.

  • RT Towing doesn’t dawdle. We are at your service within minutes of your phone call.
  • RT Towing is like New York. We never sleep. We operate our business 24/7 so that we are always there when you need us.
  • RT Towing has competitive prices. You’d think with all this service the prices would be sky high. You’ll be amazed at our low and fair prices.
  • RT Towing respects each and every customer. We love our customers and we want you to keep coming back.
  • RT Towing is well respected in the Redwood City community. Our reputation precedes itself.

RT Towing’s Impeccable Array of Emergency Roadside Services

  • Gasoline Replenishment
  • Car Battery Replacements
  • Changes of Flat Tires
  • Recharges of Car Batteries
  • Towing Using a Flatbed Trailer
  • Towing Motorcycles
  • Car Lockout Solutions
  • Towing Long Distance
  • Accident Removal
  • Towing Using a Dolly
  • Long Distance Towing
  • Local Towing